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:: Third-graders perform Comfort Cafe - Video ::

Kids regularly gather at this after-school eatery where they sit at their own special-interest tables and focus on themselves. The "Fashion" group, "Sports Enthusiasts", "Television watchers" and "Pet Lovers" each sing about their interests in humorous musical numbers. However, their self-absorption is soon challenged by the appearance of Lexi, a homeless child, and her siblings who come to the café looking for food. With the prodding of Rudy, the waitress, the patrons turn to each other to combine interests and find a way to help the less fortunate in their community. The head chef and three cooks provide additional musical levity in the opening and closing numbers.

This one-act, one-set show is ideal for grades 4-7, or a combined class group including some younger students. The script is written for a cast of 24 but can be trimmed to 18 or expanded to around 30. Most roles are gender neutral.

Running time about 40 minutes.

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