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Five Super-Hero wannabees have been selected to a prestigious school where they can learn to develop super powers and more importantly, learn how to use their powers wisely. There's Spider Girl with an insatiable desire to climb; Edward S. Peabody the mind-reader; Eagle who dreams to fly and protect children in danger; Shy Ty, who strives to be the Invisible Man; and unabashed Supergirl who believes in her multiple super-abilities. After presenting their dreams and powers to the class in song, the students face confrontation (from the "Troublers") and temptation of the "Crystal of Power" to test their honor and teach them to work together rather than individually to achieve their dreams.

Cast size: 10-15
(may increase size with additional background chorus)
Suggested Grade Level: 5th - 8th
Estimated Running Time: 45 mins.

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