The East Coldenham Elementary School Drama Club's 4th and 5th graders performed SUPER SCHOOL in January 2014 to rave reviews. The students loved the humor and music. Teachers and parents loved the message of following your dreams even if you hit a bump in the road and have to change your plans. The song "Make this World A Better Place to Be" has such a wonderful message that anyone could relate to, in fact, there were very few dry eyes in the house after the kids finished singing. Students not in the musical were humming the songs throughout the following weeks. It was easy to put on the show with a small budget for costumes and scenery. I found Rob to be a big help when I emailed him with questions. I am looking forward to putting on another Rob Cohen production this year.

Julie Cavanaugh
Advisor, EC Drama Club
Newburgh, NY

Comfort Cafe was such a wonderful experience! For weeks the kids were excited and singing their songs constantly as they were practicing and preparing. . . .For us parents, it was an incredible joy to see our children put so much passion and effort into a musical. . .The songs were beautiful, melodic and harmonious; the storyline truly meaningful; and the children gave it their all . One could tell how much they all enjoyed performing.

Livia Christensen, Potomac, MD

EVERYBODY'S GARDEN was fantastic! We did 3 showings and about 600 people viewed it. It was so well received and spread such a fantastic message. This was the first time our school has done anything like this and it was the absolute best experience we could have had. You are a gift to children. Thank you for your dedication to spreading music, art, theater, and for encouraging children to embrace their talents.

Vanessa Robert
Bridgewater-Hebron Elementary School
Bridgewater, NH

THE NO RULES CLUB went awesome, the number of positive comments we got from parents and staff was incredible . . . Overall, this was a hugely positive experience for us all. We all enjoyed doing a play with a moral . . . the songs were awesome, I still wake up in the middle of the night with them going through my head, and the kids who were in the play are still telling me "I wish we were still doing the play". I foresee us doing another play from your website nest year.

Lynne Olien,
Aurora Elementary
West Fargo, ND

IMAGINE! was a huge success. We needed one more week of rehearsal, mostly for the kindergarten kids who stole the show with their hamming it up, but other than that it was great. . . Since we were working with k-4 it isn't the most professionally done but it turned out cute and the parents LOVED it!

Charlene Ellis
Town & Country Lutheran
Sacramento, CA

*** THE RAINBOW HOLDER Pinecrest School, Annandale, VA. ***

We performed SUPERSCHOOL as a part of our "Parents As Reading Partners" program (Spring 2009). Our theme was superheroes this year so it fit right in. To watch the whole school, grades K-5 sing about saving the world, it gave me goosebumps.
Thanks so much!

Sue Sclafani
Canaan Elementary School
Patchogue, NY

"Rob Cohen's plays are joyful and creative. Their messages are universal and positive - messages of inclusion and friendship and hope. Mr. Cohen's writing not only speaks to young children, it resonates with the adults in the audience so that each person in the room is uplifted by the experience."

Amy Jones, Lower School Principal
The Bullis School
Potomac, Maryland

"It has become a springtime tradition at our school to present one of Rob Cohen's delightful, uplifting children's musicals. The productions are eagerly anticipated by our students, their parents and community members. Rob's music is charming. The plots contain delightful little twists and the messages are timeless, promoting friendship, tolerance and understanding. This is what school plays should be!"

Dennis Nelson, Principal
Fallsmead Elementary School
Rockville, MD

We performed THE NO RULES CLUB on May 27, 2008, and it was a hit with both students and parents. So many commented on the message of the play and how creatively crafted it was in promoting the pillars of character. I spent over two months searching for a play that would steal my heart. I came upon your website and there it was! "We are today, We are tomorrow" sealed the deal. My students loved this song and the finale brought tears of joy and sincere appreciation from all their loved ones.
Thanks a million for a truly inspirational play!

Ileana Yarbrough
Ponte Vedra, FL

WALKING TO VENUS was super!! We had boat loads of complements on it and of course everyone wanted to know where we got the program We had about 112 [2nd grade] students to perform. We had 4 main characters and about 6 - 8 out of each class with speaking parts.. We had different color shirts made up for each tribe with their tribe name on the shirt. That was the best getting up costumes! It really was perfect for us! I feel sure we will be ordering from you again.

Regina Madison
Fayette Elementary School
Fayette, AL

THE NO-RULES CLUB was terrific! Parents and faculty members were so proud of the students' performance and felt it taught a very good message. The songs added so much.

Karol Santarsiero
The Pine School
Stuart, FL

"My children have been part of Rob Cohen’s productions for almost ten years. Because of their experiences in both “THE NO RULES CLUB” and “WALKING TO VENUS”, they gained meaningful lessons that couldn’t be learned any place else but on stage. What I love about Rob’s plays is they are creative, thoughtful, and thought provoking. Children in the play and the audience can’t help but walk away having learned a valuable life lesson."

Nancy LoCascio
Colts Neck, NJ

"Performing the THE NO RULESCLUB at our school , allowed children to catch the passion of the Fine Arts. It allowed them to stretch themselves…to perform… to sing… but most of all to learn and love and showcase the gifts that God has given them . Thank you for this drama and we will certainly perform another one of your plays next year.”

Christie Johnson,
Silverdale Baptist Academy,
Chattanooga, TN

KIDSTOWN fits in with our PBIS and Character Education initiatives in that its theme is acceptance and tolerance of other’s differences. We were amazed when we saw the amount of talent we had! Our goal this year was to make sure we recognized all that talent by allowing each and every student to have a contributing role. KIDSTOWN gave us that opportunity! Having flexibility was great. We had so many kids and needed to add some parts. The talent show (scene) gave us that flexibility!"

Joanne Katz,
Canal View ES,
Spencerport, NY

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