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A group of schoolchildren who are tired of all the rules at school and at home, form a "No Rules Club." Elections are held, and each of the four candidates "sings" a campaign speech. As the day wears on, their enthusiasm is marred by numerous disagreements, a stray dog, a frightening thunderstorm, and ultimately they abandon the club for the security of home. Through it all, they learn the responsibilities of freedom and they sum up their experience in class the next morning in the uplifting, patriotic finale, "We Are Today."

The show was originally performed by a cast of over 50 students (second and third graders, but is suitable for older performers as well). There are two scripts available: one for a cast of 40 students, and one for a cast of 16, however, the show is easily adaptable to any cast size in between. The running time is approximately 40 minutes.

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