My musicals are not based on fairy tales, traditional literature or historical events, but are built around universal themes in today's world with which the students can identify. I write from the kids' perspective of FUN and subtly weave themes of unity and understanding in a world of unique and creative beings.

"Children's musical" does not have to equate with "children's" music and while I write my songs to be singable by young voices, I also write them to be enjoyed by adults. I have learned to never underestimate what our children can do on a stage.

These plays have been performed by students in grades 2 through 5 and are suitable for middle school casts as well. Scripts can be adapted for cast sizes of 16 to 50 with flexibility for male/female role assignments. All my plays have a lot of flexibility built in to allow room for your own creativity in staging and interpretation. I will be happy to work with you in suggesting ways to adapt the scripts to fit your casting needs. Most plays have a running time of 30 to 40 minutes.

~ Rob Cohen ~

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